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Introduction of Fukui Prefecture
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Highest Level of Happiness in Japan

 Fukui ranked at the top of "Degree of Happiness Rankings," based on the study conducted by Hosei University Graduate school*.
 * Comprehensive evaluation and analysis based on 40 indicators reflecting the level of happiness selected from 4 categories (life & household, labor & business, safety & security, healthcare) among various social economic statistics.
 Top in Academic & Phiysical Performance

FY2015 National Academic Achievement Survey Results

Grade 6 Grade 9

FY2015 National Physical Fitness Survey Results

Grade 5 Grade 8

 Fukui ranked second for the 6th grade and first for the 9th grade in the FY2015 Academic Achievement Survey.
 We also ranked first for both 5th and 9th grade male and female in the FY2015 Physical Fitness Survey. This indicates that Fukui provides an ideal educational environment both in academics and sports.

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 Good Health and Long Life
FY2012 Life Table by Prefecture
(Life Table by Prefecture)

 According to FY 2012 Prefectural Life Table, Fukui's life expectancy is one of the best, ranking third for male and seventh for female.
The key factors for Fukui's good health and long life are: "Good diet with fruits of the sea/mountains/fields," "Good workers with frequent involvement in volunteering activities," "Delightful community developed with families and neighbors," "Excellent medical services and well-developed welfare," and "Financially capability to sustain good mental health."

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 Good Childcare Environment
FY2011 Population Survey Report
(Population Survey Report)

 In the context of the falling birth rate, Fukui ranked ninth in the total fertility rate in FY 2011 Population Survey Report.
 It also ranked second in FY 2005 survey and always ranks near the top and there is no child on the waiting list for nursery schools. We believe Fukui provides good childcare environment.

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