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Introduction of Fukui Prefecture
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 Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

Creation of New Technologies by Collaborative Projects with Private Sectors and Universities in and out of Fukui

 The development race of new technology will be more crucial than price and service competition in the future competition among companies regarding manufacturing.
 Fukui Industrial Support Center plays a role of a core agency to proactively handle industry-academia-government collaboration projects to develop original and unique technology and industry by collaborative projects with private sectors and universities in and out of Fukui.

 Industry and Enterprise Support Institution in Fukui
 University of Fukui Headquarters for Innovative Society-Academia Cooperation
University of Fukui Headquarters for Innovative Society-Academia Cooperation << Business Content >>
Liaison and Projects Promotion Bridge builder between university's research results and social needs
Entrepreneurship Supports Support in business establishment based on the university's research results
Intellectual Property Development and management of the university's intellectual properties
Instrumental Measurements and Technology Consulting Usage of various analytical instruments and support in analysis methods
 Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture
Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture << Business Content >>
Technical Support Technical Consultation
Analysis / Experiment / Process
Use of equipment/facilities
Technical Transfer Use of industrial property rights
Technology promotion
Provision of technical information
R&D Leading-edge technological research
New field research
Industry-academia-government research
<< Organization >>
New Industrial Creation Reseach Department Advanced Composite Material Research Group
e-Textile Reseach Group
Environment and Energy Research Group
Laser Research Group
Chemistry and Textile Department Textile Research Group
Chemistry and Polymer Research Group
Ceramics and Crafts Research Group
Ceramics Coaching Office
Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy Department Metal processing Research Group
Mechatronics Research Group
Eyewear Research Group
 Fukui Industrial Support Center
Fukui Industrial Support Center << Business Content >>
Business Start-up Support Support on business plan preparation
Various support after business deployment
Hosting events, awareness/enlightenment seminars
Next-generation Technology Cultivation
Industry Creation Support
Promotion of Technology/Product Development through Industry-academia-government Collaboration
Support on commercialization of research results
Promotion of industry accumulation with other areas
Management Innovation Support and
Business Infrastructure Reinforcement
Application assistance on management innovation/new collaboration system
Support on product creation using local resources
Promotion for business challenges
 Wakasa wan Energy Research Center
Wakasa wan Energy Research Center << Business Content >>
Industrial Support Technical/Research Support Technical support
R&D promotion using open-type research funds
Business Creation/Human Resource Cultivation Support on business creation
Human resource cultivation for nuclear/energy related fields
R&D High Energetic Beam Utilization Research Breed improvement
Particle radiation therapy research
Beam generation test and evaluation technology development
Energy Development Research Energy, environment, and technological research
Research on effective utilization of energy
Technology development related to nuclear power
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