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Introduction of Fukui Prefecture
Profile Fukui is... Human Resource/Education Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Nature/Climate
 Fukui has distinct transition of seasons throughout the year. We can say Fukui is a reservoir of nature with a national park at the foot of Hakusan and quasi-national park on the coast of Japan Sea. We secure water resource with dam construction to supply inexpensive industrial water.
 Although people tend to think that it is cold in Fukui due to its northerly location, Fukui is on the same latitude as Fukaya City of Saitama Prefecture and temperature is not so different from metropolitan area. Furthermore, Fukui has much less snowfall than you would expect.
 Decrease in snowfall
Average Temperature and Maximum Snow Pack Depth (Fukui City)
Average Temperature and Deepest Snow (Fukui City)

 In recent years, the snow precipitation has been declining and snow melts easily and does not stay, so it is quite rare that snowfall has an impact on your business operation.

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 Low Risk of Earthquake/Tsunami
National Seismic Hazard Map (2016)
(Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion)
National Seismic Hazard Map
Probability to experience earthquake
of intensity 6 in next 30 years
Bathymetric Chart
(Reference: Japan Coast Guard's official site)

Bathymetric Chart

 It is said that no trench-type plate, which could cause a large-scale earthquake, is in Japan Sea, so it is evaluated that there is less chance to have earthquake occurred along the Japan Sea.
 Fukui falls into the Zone 1 of zoning map used to determine the basis rate of earthquake insurance rate.

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