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Introduction of Fukui
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 Profile of Fukui Prefecture
Fukui prefecture is located roughly in the center of the coast of Japan Sea and is bordered by Ishikawa, Gifu, Shiga, and Kyoto Prefectures. The part of Fukui north from the Kinome pass located in the east of Tsuruga city is called "REIHOKU," and the southern part is called "REINAN."
Area  4,190km2
Population  787,099
 (Population Census as of February, 2016(Preliminary))
Number of Households  279,380
 (Population Census as of February, 2016(Preliminary))
Number of Employees  402,251
 (Population Census as of October, 2013)
Prefectural Gross Production
 3.1271 trillion yen
 (FY 2013 Prefectural Economic Calculation)
Prefectural Income
per capita
 2.845 million yen
 (FY 2013 Prefectural Economic Calculation)


The Land Prosperous Continental Culture First Entered

From the late 7th century to the end of that century, the Hokuriku was divided into WAKASA and KOSHI, and KOSHI further got divided into ECHIZEN, ECCHU, and ECHIGO.
@Fukui became as it is in February 1881 after numerous transition from its original state as "KOSHI NO KUNI" in 828.
@Various cultural heritages of the past have been polished and preserved in its long period of history. We have 170 nationally designated important cultural properties (including 6 national treasures), and we are fond of those precious heritages and other tangible and intangible cultural properties in various parts of the prefecture as our local pride.

Historic Ruins of Asakura Clan
Ichijodani Asakura Family Historic Ruins
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Mutual Prosperity of Local Industries and Advanced Technology Industries

Fukui has developed a variety of traditional crafts in the long period of history. Today, we have 7 items (Echizen lacquer craft, Echizen paper, Wakasa agate craft, Wakasa lacquer ware, Echizen forged knives, Echizen pottery, and Echizen chest of drawers) as National traditional crafts.
@As famous local industries, we have the textile industry, which made the prefecture flourished as the kingdom of rayon silk during the early Showa period, and the eyewear industry which is famous for dominating the world market. Electronic device industry is another main industry since it makes up about 15% of total industry delivery amount.
@In terms of agriculture, Fukui produces high-quality rice and nationally famous rice, Koshihikari, was first developed in Fukui agricultural experiment station in 1956.
@On the other hand, Fukui has many nuclear power plants and plays a role of an energy supply depot to Kansai economic zone.

Echizen "Washi" paper iImadate, Echizen city)
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