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About Tsuruga/Fukui Ports
Tsuruga Port Fukui Port Attract Cruise Ships to Tsuruga Port

Attract Cruise Ships to Tsuruga Port

TSURUGA PORT, international port with historical footpath.
It is located at the center of Japan Sea coast, close to Kansai and Chukyo economic zones with good accessibility and a variety of sightseeing courses available.

01 Location of Tsuruga Port  Location of Tsuruga Port

02 Hinterland of Tsuruga Port  Hinterland of Tsuruga Port

Close to Kansai/Chukyo Economic Zones

  • Tsuruga Port - Kyoto (Kyoto IC)
  • 119km Approx. 1h15m
  • Tsuruga Port - Nagoya (Ichinomiya IC)
  • 96km Approx. 1h04m
  • Tsuruga Port - Osaka (Suita IC)
  • 156km Approx. 1h42m
  • Tsuruga Port - Kobe (Kobe Kita IC)
  • 189km Approx. 2h06m
  • Tsuruga Port - Fukui (Fukui IC)
  • 50km Approx. 36m

Ongoing Infrastructure Improvement

July 20, 2014
The whole line opening of Wakasa Satoumi (Maizuru-Wakasa) Expressway

The Year 2022
Scheduled to open Hokuriku Shinkansen to Tsuruga


Pier big enough for Large Cruise Ship

Tsuruga port has piers with good depth and extension (Maruyama Minami A, Maruyama Kita B/C, Kawasaki/Matsuei B/C) are ready to welcome large-scale cruise ships.

Promotional Movie to Attract Cruise Ships

Fukui prefecture prepared movies to promote sightseeing courses around Tsuruga port and surrounding area. [Japanese, English, Chinese](Full: 10m58s, Short; 3m24s) For further information, please click here.

Optional tour (Fukui 1 day sightseeing course)

Among numerous attractive sightseeing spots, we would like to introduce some.

Subsidy System available to Cruise Organizers

Tsuruga port has various subsidy programs available for cruise organizers using Tsuruga port as cruise terminal or port of call. For further information, please click here.

Tsuruga Port

Tsuruga Port


Contact Information
Fukui Prefecture Department of Business, Industry and Labor Business Attraction Division, Tsuruga/Fukui Ports Utilization Group
Address: 3-17-1 Ote, Fukui City, Fukui
Tel: 0776-20-0365

Tsuruga Minato Promotion (Head office: Industry and Economy Division of Tsuruga City, "Port of Humanity" Outgoing Office)
Address: 2-1-1, Chuo-Cho, Tsuruga City, Fukui
Tel: 0770-22-8129

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