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About Tsuruga/Fukui Ports
Tsuruga Port Fukui Port Attract Cruise Ships to Tsuruga Port

Advantage 1: Close to Kansai/Chukyo Zones

Well-developed traffic network gives good access to the port and has developed the biggest hinterland on the Japan Sea coast.

Picture of Tsuruga Port



  • Tsuruga Port - Maibara(Maibara city hall)
  • 60km  approx. 90 mins
  • Tsuruga Port - Nagoya (Nagoya city hall)
  • 120km  approx. 210 mins
  • Tsuruga Port - Osaka (Osaka city hall)
  • 150km  approx. 260 mins
  • Tsuruga Port - Kobe (Kobe city hall)
  • 170km  approx. 320 mins
  • Biggest Hinterland on the
    Japan Sea coast

    The shipment value of manufactured
    goods within 150 km distance from
    Tsuruga Port is
    the largest on the Japan Sea coast (approximately 49 trillion yen)
    (Domestic share rate of 14.7%)


Advantage 2: Gateway to Northwest Pacific Region

As a gateway to the opposite shore, Tsuruga port has various water routes to Korea and China.
The routes is connected to the rest of the world via Busan and Shanghai ports.

Route Map

[Container Carrier]

Busan Port   Tsuruga Port
Sun >> Tue(2 days)
    Thu(4 days)
Tue >> Thu(2 days)
Shanghai Port    Tsuruga Port
Thu >> Thu(7 days)

[Roll on roll off ship]

Busan New Port   Tsuruga Port
Tue >> Wed (1 day)
Fri >> Sat (1 day)


Tsuruga Port    Busan New Port
Wed >> Fri (2 days)
Sat >> Tue (3 days)



Tsuruga Port   Busan Port
Wed >> Sat (3 days)
Fri >> Sat (1 days)
Sat >> Sun (1 day)
Tsuruga Port   Shanghai Port 
Fri >> Wed (5 days)

*Port calls at Ulsan, Gwangyang, Masan ports of Korea
*Port calls at Ninpo port of China

Regularly scheduled maritime shipping company (Japanese agency)

Container Carriers
・HEUNG-A Shipping Co., Ltd. (San-ei Shipping Co., Ltd.)
・Sinokor Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. (Sinokor Seihon Co., Ltd.)
・Pan Continental Shipping Co.,Ltd. (Asia Cargo Service Co., Ltd.)
Roll on roll off ship
・Panstar Co., Ltd. (Sanstar Line Co., Ltd.)


It is quite smooth to access container yards of Tsuruga Port.
(Taking 1 or 2 days less than large-scale ports)

Advantage 3: Suitable for Disaster Risk Dispersion

It is quite effective to choose Tsuruga Port for the alternative to large-scale ports since it is located on the Japan Sea coast where the risk of earthquake and tsunami is relatively low.

Map showing potential residential damages due to flooding from tsunamis caused by Nankai megathrust earthquakes Earthquake rate of Tonankai earthquakes

・Construction of frameworks for prior preparations against disaster
・Maintenance of logistics to minimize the damage
・Temporary admittance of regularly scheduled vessels from disaster-affected ports

Utilize Tsuruga Port as an alternative port


Advantage 4: Fulfilling support programs

Expense up to 10 million yen can be subsidized by using Tsuruga port for export and import with container.

Link Guidance of subsidies

Contact Information
Fukui Prefecture Department of Business, Industry and Labor Business Attraction Division, Tsuruga/Fukui Ports Utilization Group
Address: 3-17-1 Ote, Fukui City, Fukui
Tel: 0776-20-0365

Tsuruga Port International Terminal Co., Ltd.
Address: 49-1 Kanegasaki-Cho, Tsuruga City, Fukui
Tel: 0770-47-5855

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